We are here to help you reach your financial and lifestyle goals, and to support the communities that we live in.

Member Ownership

The essential working rule of Agricola Credit Union is democratic ownership: every member has at least one share and one vote in the decision-making process.

All members, as a result, are equal owners, regardless of the number of shares they hold individually or the size of their respective deposits in the credit union. Members have the right to seek election to the board of directors as well as credit and supervisory committees.

Member benefits

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Do you qualify for membership?

  • Any person employed with one of our affiliated companies.
  • All other persons provided that they are recommended by a member of three (3) years in good standing.

Complete the application form

Download & complete the PDF application form

Gather your documents & visit any of our offices

  • A copy of 2 forms of I.D. or one form of picture Id and birth certificate, Utility bill, Job letter, salary slip.
  • $10.00 (non-refundable application processing fee (Adults) and Children)

Agricola Life

Social at The 'Cola/Social Interaction for Adults & Children

  • Annual Children Christmas Party
  • Annual Health Fair
  • Participation in National Lottery Control Board (NLCB) All Fours

Skills Development

  • Art of African Head Wear & Body Wrap
  • Art of Nail Care
  • Braiding and Weaving of Hair Styles
  • Drapery

Youth Summer Training Programme

  • Summer Internship for Youths

Tools & Resources

Use a calculator

We have added convenient, easy-to-use calculators to help you estimate repayment on a number of our loans.

Download a form

We have provided forms for you to download, fill out and submit to us.