AGRICOLA Credit Union is an admirable example of people empowering people towards social and economic upliftment. It is a remarkable institution and has been so for over sixty years as it has provided and continues to provide a medium through which thousands continue to empower themselves towards experiencing a full and abundant life.

Our beginnings

Seventy years ago on April 9th 1949 the AGRICOLA Credit Union came into existence through its registration as a credit union . This was the culmination of hopes and dreams of a group of twenty-eight junior officers of the then Department of Agriculture, who formed themselves into a study group to learn about credit union philosophy and practice. The result of those efforts was due to the initiative of Mr. John Pierre Ottley whose initiatives led to formation of the group and registration of the credit union.

Through the diligence and loyalty of members the initial saving of $280.60 has increased dramatically as the credit union is now worth $404.5 million. Considerable growth has also occurred in membership as well. The initial membership of twenty-eight persons has grown to a number of 9,652. Our growth while being gradual has been consistent

Key to our success

The successes of AGRICOLA is testimony to the grit and determination of public service workers. It’s contribution to improving the quality of life of it’s members and their families is well documented and there is no doubt that Agricola by its activities has contributed to national development.

AGRICOLA’s vision is to be the prime service giver for all its members. The Credit Union’s main focus is not solely financial gains, but includes assisting members to realize the benefits of thrift.

Commitment to service

Provision of quality service is the purpose of the Credit Union. In this respect the Credit Union provides its members with a wide range of services, including:-

  • Saving Plans
  • Fixed Deposits
  • Long & Short Term Loans
  • LinCu Debit Card Service
  • Financial Counselling Service
  • Medical and Insurance Services via CUNA
  • Loan & Life Savings Insurance via CUNA
  • Educational & Skills Development Programmes
  • Social & Recreational Programmes
  • Scholarships for Secondary Education
  • Student Vacation Training Programme

AGRIOLA has significantly increased its financial goals over the years, members’ share savings as at December 31st 2018 was $404.5 million and the Credit Union’s choice in investment has remained sound.

AGRICOLA will continue to make great strides in the society of credit unions. Its initiatives and sincerity in facilitating its members’ needs will continue to make the organization a force to be reckoned with for the future.