Family Indemnity Plan

A death benefit plan provided by CUNA for credit union members.

Who is eligible for coverage?

  • Members of Credit Unions
  • Spouses or significant others
  • Children aged 1-25 years
  • Members parents or in-laws where eligible before 76
Plan Cost Benefits
A $52.80 (monthly) $10,000.00
B $79.20 (monthly) $15,000.00
C $105.60 (monthly) $20,000.00
D $158.40(monthly) $30,000.00
E $211.20 (monthly) $40,000.00
F $343.20 (monthly) $65,000.00
G $528.00 (monthly) $100,000.00
This coverage offers financial comfort in a difficult time, providing a benefit to be used to cover funeral expenses for yourself and eligible family members.